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Two of the toughest challenges today’s college students face involves their textbooks: paying for them and reading them. Students must first pay up to $200 for a new logistics or business management textbook. Those who manage to pay for these pricey texts are then faced with the daunting task of reading them!

Access Education is committed to creating textbooks and instructional materials that are more accessible to learners in both cost and content. Without the significant overhead of the nation’s five leading academic publishing houses, Access Education is able to offer textbooks at a cost of 30-70% less than the industry standard.

Also, Access Education is committed to publishing textbooks that are clear and easy to understand. Although our authors are experts in their respective academic fields, our texts are written in a fun and engaging style, making challenging subjects interesting and accessible to novice audiences.

To add the icing to an already delicious cake, Access Education also provides instructor packs for each of its textbooks. Unlike the traditional instructional materials of bland PowerPoint slides and test questions, our instructor packs are full of exciting games, insightful case studies, and hands-on activities.


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