About Access Education

Access Education is a publisher and educational service provider focused on creating materials and services that are fun, educational, affordable, and accessible to a wide range of learning styles and preferences.

What We Do

Located in the heart of snowy Anchorage, Alaska, Access Education works with both industry experts and top academics at the University of Alaska to create a range of introductory college level teaching materials in business and supply chain management.

Access Education also provides unparalleled leadership, management, communications, and MBTI personality type training to clients from around the globe. Instead of simply providing training with PowerPoint presentations with a small handful of exercises and discussions thrown in, Access Education has spent years developing a wide range of hands-on training activities and discussion modules that address multiple learning styles and preferences.

Finally, AE Music, a new division of Access Education, publishes songbooks and accompanying albums, making the publishing process accessible for local and independent artists.

Access Education

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